Sleep in this house has been in a bit of a shambles. No one is getting enough. Everyone is a bit cranky. On this day, Hugo had his first playdate scheduled late in the afternoon. Stella was equally excited as her special friend happens to be the big sister of Hugo's playmate. As the afternoon wore on, everyone's patience was wearing thin. By some coup of luck, I managed to get both of them to nap at the same time, and I closed my eyes too. It was perfect. The three of us in bed, waiting for our friends to arrive. We all woke fresh and happy and ready.



Well, it HAS indeed turned out to have been a bit much, all this traveling around with two little kids and post-op pain. Both have colds and are not sleeping. I ended up sandwiched between the two of them in a twin bed, and sleeping about zero hours myself, and feeling incredibly terrible about everything. So. Lesson learned. Temper your ambitions. Particularly when dealing with little kids.