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That Wild Road

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Hi. Welcome. I’m really glad you’re here.

That Wild Road is nominally a lifestyle blog about travel. But really, it is a blog about and growing, and living, and making a home wherever we happen to be. 

Here I hone my practice of telling stories. I take pictures, and write down my experiences, telling tales of travel, of growing, and of that great, wild road. 

I hope you like what you find here. I hope you have a look around. And I hope you'll say hi.

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About Erica Knecht

I came to blogging quite by accident. An avowed technophobe, barely able to run a Google search, I was, totally improbably, hired by a social media company. From there I discovered that the internet is really actually an incredible place full of inspiration, learning, light, and connection. 

My love affair with travel was more indwelling. From the time I became aware of a world beyond small town Ontario, I was dreaming of living in faraway lands. I got my first taste of life abroad at 16 when I spent a semester in the South of France. Since then I have lived in seven different countries, and in three of the world’s largest cities.

My life has unfolded across continents. I fell in love in the Canadian Rocky Mountains, moved to India, and then got married in the foothills of the Swiss Alps. Our daughter, Stella, was born in Southern Japan, and Hugo, our son, was born in Jakarta, Indonesia. 

And, now here we are in Jakarta, this traffic choked city of magnificent steal towers and crumbling colonial beauty. I love it here. I could write forever about sudden tropical rainstorms, banana trees, and the small acts of kindness we meet with every day.  Still, I will always look ahead and wonder what’s next down that wild road.