Men are angels born without wings, nothing could be nicer than to be born without wings and to make them grow.
— Jose Saramago
Artist headshot of Kuala Lumpur family photographer Erica Knecht

Here’s where I’m supposed to write something that conveys my artistic sensibility and makes me sound effortlessly cool. But, in reality, I'm not that cool, and nothing worthwhile is done without effort.

So, I'll just tell you. I'm a photographer. I'm a friend. I'm a mother, a wife, a long term expat, an instagram cliché, a reader, an artist, a human with a heart gratitude beneath my ribs.

I love kids, and probably relate to them better than I do adults (translation: I’m kinda awkward). I see childhood as this liminal space, somewhere between heartbreaking nostalgia and exuberant abandon. I’ll run around with your kids, tell them funny jokes and make farting noises till they’re laughing so hard they get the hiccups.

I was born in Canada, but my heart belongs to the world. I've spent the past 12 years in Asia with my husband as we've grown our family, expanded our hearts, and learned more about how to be a human. I have three kids, a daughter born in Japan, a son born in Indonesia, and another daughter born in China. Now we're in Kuala Lumpur. FYI Indonesia was my favorite. Everyone always asks. :) 

I make pictures and tell stories. I do yoga from time to time, but then everyone does yoga. I run so that I can feel like a human. I have a secret street photography page. I care more about boutique children’s clothing brands than is probably healthy. I perpetually have the intention to do a Whole30 or something, but then I really believe that life is short and small pleasures matter. I always have 23 tabs open in seven browser windows and that is probably a pretty good metaphor for how my life is. The thought of moving somewhere and settling forever terrifies me. I believe that struggle is important and it makes us who we are. I want to travel overland from Asia to Europe with my kids, anyone want to join me? I value community, kindness and goodness. I crave the ache of opening the heart and growing out wings. I know about that space between heartache and gratitude. I live my life guided by the ideal that breathing deeply, showing yourself fully, loving completely, and making something beautiful is enough. 

I shoot in Kuala Lumpur, Shanghai, Bali, Jakarta, Singapore, and well, wherever there's a beautiful story to tell, or an adventure to be had.

I'd love to tell your story. I'd love to chat. I'd love to grab a coffee. I'd love to answer your questions about being an expat. Get in touch here or just email me.