Here's Stella!

Why hello, internet! It's been a while, hasn't it? You're looking good! A new haircut? How have you been doing? And how's the bandwidth these days? Anything new on the browser front? ANYway, have you met the cutest baby in the room? You haven't? Oh, well, let me introduce you to Stella.  



Hello, sweet girl! 


She was born in Japan. She's five months old. When she was born, she was in the NICU. That sucked a lot. 





But she's fine now! And cute! And she looks just like her Papi.  



Yes? You'll notice that I have a clip in my hair. And also: I'm cute.  

When she was young, she used to cry. A lot. Like OMG, you have no idea, holy crap with the crying, will it ever end?  The screaming, the shouting, tense silence, then...huge-intake-of-breath-face-turning-purple-now-release-with-earsplitting-power WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH! My ears! My head! My mind!...ahem. Anyway...moving on.  




She cries less now.  But she does have an amazing pout.  


I hate you Mama, why you take picture of me? Jerk! Why? WHY!  HAAATE!


She is multi-talented:


I can do it!  I can do it!  I'm sitting, bitches! Holy crap!


 (Literally two seconds after previous picture) Oops. 

Also, I can stand.  This is a little less exciting than the whole sitting thing.  


And I'm the best bubble-blower in the history of babies.  


But mostly she's a sweet girl who smiles, laughs, and cuddles.  Who looks to me for comfort, reassurance and nourishment.  Who cries when I leave the room, and delights upon my return. Who charms strangers with her smiles, even though she is kind of afraid of them. Yes, she is my sweet girl, and I love her.  


Why you dress me in such ridiculous outfits, Mama? 

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