How is your day going?

As my poor husband found out earlier today, don't ask. 

Let's just say that it started this morning at around five o'clock. That is, after about an hour of cluster feeding. Which was preceded by hourly wake-ups since about one AM.

When I finally stumbled into consciousness, I realized that it was raining. And since we have no dryer, my laundry was outside getting soaked. It's winter now. Laundry takes two days to dry. And it will be raining for all of eternity starting now.  

I made a to-do list. It has 15 items. I decided that rather than knocking them off one by one, I could make much better use of valuable nap time by browsing apps on the iTunes store. Note that I didn't actually buy anything. I decided to put that off until tomorrow.  

Then I discovered that my computer is probably possessed. And I'm not sure what to do about this fact. Since I am not really a Catholic and cannot call on a priest for an exorcism, I will probably do nothing and hope that whatever is effed will just fix itself. A tried and true method of dealing with problems.  

Then, after wrangling an over-tired cranky baby, it was finally nap time. Just as she was drifting off...KABAM! Shitastrophe. Poop everywhere. More laundry (see above for my feelings about THAT fact).  

It's 11:42 - the morning is almost over. And the only accomplishment I have under my belt is this sorry excuse for a blog entry. And that wasn't even an item on my to-do list.

Boy-o-boy, do I ever need a vacation. Good thing I'm leaving on Thursday!  Oh crap...that to-do list. Laundry! Rain! Shit...I didn't include PACK SUITCASES on my to-do list. I am utterly screwed.