The Silence

Well well well, here I am being all ambitious, committing myself to regular posting on my blog, and then finding that a week has gone by in silence. Here's why:

  1. Transcontinental Plane Travel - baby was a complete darling through most of the trip, loving the attention of strangers (especially 55-year-old women, her preferred demographic) and charming everyone we came into contact with, including a huge, shaved-head, goateed man who may or may not have been a fascist sympathizer. We will be having a conversation about choosing appropriate playmates in the very near future. So, yes, baby was perfect, until the last leg of the journey when our flight out of Washington was delayed due to snow, and we ended up sitting on the tarmac, seat belts buckled, waiting for de-icing, when she finally hit her good behaviour threshold and all hell broke loose. She became That Baby On The Plane. And there was nothing I could do, for the seatbelt sign was illuminated. And although I do regularly flout rules and regulations, I could not find it within me to defy the Seat Belt Sign. Fellow passengers, I am sorry.  

  2. Buckets O'Snot - Immediately upon arriving at my parents' house, the baby got sick, and has been leaking out her head-holes at an alarming rate. Also screaming. Particularly at around 2:35 AM.

  3. Jet Lag - Also see point two, above. These two, combined together, have resulted in many a morning that begin at 1:40 AM. And I don't think that I need to inform any of you that 1:40 AM is not really an ideal time at which to start your day. On the bright side, however, I have discovered that my baby shares my interest in reality TV, a fact that really does warm my heart. For it is well-known that the No TV For Babies Policy is not enforced between the hours of 1:30 and 5:30 AM.    

Thus, you see, I have been walking around in a haze of fatigue and mucous these past days. Happily, though, Middle Sister arrives today and Younger Sister arrives on Thursday. Built-in babysitters. Hooray!