Small Style, Garden Style

On Monday, Stella and I met up with a friend. An actual human friend. An actual human friend I met through this blog. Which I guess is some kind of bloggy milestone and so now officially, I'm a bloggy big girl. Or something.

Together we went for a stroll in our favourite park. The weather was beautiful and sunny, as it typically is in October, and it was a national holiday in Japan - Health and Sports Day, so naturally, the park was brimming with runners, coffee drinkers, cyclists, children, and dogs in strollers. The three of us headed for the Japanese gardens. We walked through the gates and suddenly silence. Quiet. Wind rustling through leaves. Gurgling streams. A small waterfall. 



And also cries of diiiiisss! dIIIIIIIIISSSsssss. DDDDDDDDIIIIIIIIIISSSSSS! uttered with emphatic insistance pierced the stillness.




This little pocket of the park is beautiful. I wonder why I hardly ever visit. Probably because it costs two dollars. And I am unreasonably cheap. 




So, apparently I dress my toddler in white pants. White pants after Labour Day. All I have to say about that is, whatever, they're cute and cost 7 dollars. And furthermore, there is no Labour Day in Japan, so NO FASHION FAUX PAS HERE.




We're linking up with Morgan at Mama Loves Papa as per usual. Go there now for proof that no one else in the universe has the audacity to dress their kid in white pants this late in the game.

Stella Wore

PANTS - Baby Gap

Tee - Bobo Choses

Shoes - Converse

Bow - AdornMeGirl