Nothing Ventured

So, here’s an exciting thing: I’m stepping out. On my own. I’m moving in directions exciting and new. I’m venturing into the big, wide professional world, doing something that I swore I’d never do: I’m becoming an entrepreneur. Well, more aptly a solopreneur. 


I’m taking a course with Meagan Francis, of The Happiest Mom fame, learning all about querying, writing for magazines, copy writing blogging and building a brand. And so, this is me hanging up my  sigh. I’m Open For Business. I’m launching a freelance writing career. 


At the moment, I’m focusing my efforts on magazine writing, both online and print, while keeping one eye on copy writing. I’ll still be happily blogging, but perhaps with a little less frequency and likely with fewer smarts, because I need to preserve my stock, you know?


So. There you go. I’m launching. Officially. And now, if you should happen to have any leads, don’t be shy, okay?


Erica Knecht8 Comments