Smal Style, Autumn Style

Have I told you about how blue the October skies are? How sunny the days? How crisp the mornings? How golden the afternoons? October really is the best month to be in Japan.

I'm not typically an autumn lover - the season is a harbinger of winter, after all. Still, with the leaves just about to change, the ginko trees about to burst forth, all yellow and bright, I'm apt to reconsider my anti-autumnal position. 

Despite the great weather we've been having (holla! MORGAN, I know you lovez you some weather talk), Stella and I have spent pretty much the entirety of the last week holed up at home, fighting off some sort of gawd awful virus. In the epic battle of Knechts vs. Nasal Congestion / Invasion of The Molars, we've unfortunately been completely decimated. Our schedule has been shot to pieces and productivity took a pummeling. Hard. (And PS, between you and me THANK GOD MR CHEF IS ON BABY NIGHT DUTY THESE DAYS.) When we finally made it out to the park yesterday, little S was in no mood to play. Basically, she just stood, stock still in various places and pointed at stuff and whined a bit. But static babies are easy to photograph, so HERE YOU GO. 

Small Style
Here we are standing in the sandbox.



Small Style Tea Collection 

HEYYYYYYY Now we're standing under a tree.


Small Style Stella
Hello orange diaper, you are awfully autumny. 



Stella Wore

I'm pretty sure that this outfit is the essence of autumn colour, no? And this kid's hair, I think, is the perfect shade for AW11. Serious.  

Dress - Tea Collection Gifted by Nanny

Cardigan - Baby Gap - Gifted by SuperCousins

Shoes - Elk

Bow - The ushe.