Small Style, Autumn Style

Heyyyyyy small stylers, prepare yourselves for a barrage of thought goobers coming straight out of my head. Cogency and coherence you will not find here. Just in case you were wondering.

I think that winter SADs are here, and so, in a valiant attempt to combat a foul mood, I took Stella for hot chocolate date. And by hot chocolate, I mean steamed milk (which, incidentally she spilled down her front and all over her stroller, which reminders me that I still need to clean that mess up. Oops. It's probably dry now, so I guess that means its clean?)


Wanting to ensure that we sported toddler attire appropriate for the occasion, we threw together this little number, nice warm sweater, colourful little tunic, a pop of pink - goodness knows even a toddler needs fancy autumn boots.



 Oh, hello sweetness! 

Most of these clothes Stella wore last winter - you all know I'm a big one for recycling, right? Here's the thing though, my kid is such a weird size. When she was, like, four months old, she was gigantic. Huge. Epic fat rolls, people. I swear, I had so much trouble stuffing my little chubbster into pyjamas - she was bursting out of 12 month sleepers - that I fixated on this idea that my kid is HUGE and kept shopping accordingly. Fast forward many months, she's gained a ton of height but practically no weight. Now she's this tiny little skinny minnie, clothes hanging off of her, and half the stuff I got her for this season will have to wait patiently until next autumn. And so we're revisiting last year's wardrobe. Whatever. Last years duds are like retro in baby years.


Practicing our catalogue poses. 

We've just come through almost two weeks of back-to-back sickies coupled with the adoption of some major toddler attitude. And mah lands, it almost did my head in. Well, actually, it may have succeeded in its goal of inward head-doing. However, I will say one thing about sick toddlers: though they may scream and cry and batter their mothers with tiny angry fists, they also sleep a lot. We had a little trip down memory lane wherein Stella took 3 naps in one day. So you take the good with the bad and then make fun of it on your blaaaaaawwwwwwg. And that's all I'm going to say about that. 

Stella Wore

Sweater: Joe Fresh (Size 12-18 months, and covered with a spilled Starbucks kids steamer in case you were wondering)

Tunic (Which is really a size 6 month dress but still fits her as a 3/4 sleeve shirt so whatever) - Tea Collection

Jeans - Baby Gap (size 18-24 months, so too big around the waist, but a good size in the bum to accommodate our hippie fairydust cloth diapers)

Shoes - Smaller by See Kai Run (I have nothing interesting to say about these but in the interest of symmetry I'm putting stuff in parentheses) 


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