Favorites From September

As trite and prosaic an observation as this may be, September has gone by in a flash. 

Four weeks ago, summer was still upon us with heavy air and punishing heat, and now we wear sweaters and rub our hands together against the chill.

I started this month like most, drifting. But now I’m focused, putting all my energy and all my words into a class I’m taking.  I’m building something, every spare moment  I’m hammering away, getting ready to launch.

Stella started September sitting and scooting. She’s now hiking up our hill on her own steam, holding my  hand only for a moment. 

She had a handful of signs at the beginning of the month. Then, suddenly there was a burgeoning of new words. Some we’ve been working on for months, some original Stella creations: bath, please, thank you, water, iPad, dog, baby, eat, cracker. She’s signing for everything, making little Stella sentences. “Papi, phone, more.” 

Please call Papi. 

After he hangs up, Stella kisses the phone good bye.


What a month. What a year. What a sweet girl.



The Paper Mama