The Most Monumentally Stupid Idea I've Ever Had

So, much to my chagrin, my child will not play by herself. This is a problem insomuch as I need to do things like cook meals, wash dishes, and dress myself. A maximum of about two minutes of solitary play is all she's got in her, and those two minutes are either spent furiously emptying the contents of her drawers, or else removing all the cups and glasses from the kitchen and placing them in my bed. Obviously.

When I happened upon a little corner of the blogoverse dedicated to at home toddler preschool, I thought to myself, THIS is the answer! My child is bored. She needs more stimulation! She needs better, more enriching activities. She needs Montessori fairy dust! I just need to implement a bunch of these activities, and voila! I'll have an independent, happy, and busy baby! I did some reading on the sensory bin, and thought YES! I will do this.

And so then, lacking a bin, or sufficient quantities of dried pasta, I put some unused (expensive!) pasta in a metal bowl and then this happened, for about five whole minutes which was pretty much a record as far as mummy-free playtime is concerned: 

Sensory Bin Gone All To Hell Do not even ask about the bike helmet. I don't understand either.

Later, I read about the concept of rice sensory bins. Just take a bin, add some rice, throw in a couple of scoops and TA DA! You've got a indoor sandbox! Foolishly, I bought into this nonsense.

No fewer than two minutes in, this was the result:

RIce Sensory Bin Gone WrongApproximately 70% of my living room and kitchen looked like this.

From here on in, we're going to be rethinking baby entertainment options. Sensory bins are out. But if you have any suggestions, I'D LOVE TO HEAR THEM.