Small Style, Stripey Style

Let’s talk about baby leggings. Specifically stripey baby leggings. And the fact that I’m obsessed with them. Does anything look better on a pair of chubby little legs, capped off with a pair of baby Chucks? Nope? Well, I didn’t think so, either.


Now, there’s a story behind these leggings and their procurement. A quite charming story, if you ask me. 


A new shopping center just opened up right across from Mr. Chef’s work. And this is news because H&M just moved in. First H&M on this little island in Japan. Which is also news because I’ve been going through some major cheap Swedish knockoff withdrawal. 


(Aside: So great is my love of H&M that when they came to my city two winters ago, and opened a temporary shop to test the market, I stood in line for many many many hours, many many months pregnant, just so I could get my fix.)


So anyway, on Friday, Mr. Chef calls me and says, “It’s pre-opening today, there are no lines, jump in a taxi and come here and spend some money.” And I was like, “No, no, I’ll be good. I won’t go shopping. I’ll save money. I’ll just stay here and mop the floors.” And then he said, “GET HERE NOW AND BUY SOME THINGS, OKAY!”


Well, I’m a dutiful wife. I listen to my husband. So. We bought things. 


(Did I ever tell you guys that I won the husband lottery. Because I totally did.)


 See? Stripey leggings! They kill me. 


 (Oh, yeah. I forgot to tell you, we went to the zoo. Hence the ibix or whatever the what that thing is.)




Stella Wore

Leggings: H&M

Tee - Atsuyo et Akiko

Shoes - Converse 


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