Small Style, Country Style

This week's Small Style, coming straight out of Michigan, is brought to you by idyllic country scenes, golden leaves and cinnamon sugar.


We're visiting my parents. Again. I don't think they're THAT sick of us. YET. Considering that my mother has been bunking with my nocturnal kid while I snooze alone in the guest bedroom, things might change in that department pretty soon.


On Saturday, we took a little trip to the neighbourhood cider mill (because obviously there's a neighbourhood cider mill. This is pretty much the hippie center of the Midwest. We're practically in Canada over here) where cider was sipped and donuts dipped. 

Picnik collage

Poor little S was recovering from the trip in which she slept about 2 hours in a 30 hour period, and thus was feeling pretty unimpressed by the whole doughnut BS. However, once we showed her the leaves, and handed her a stick for wapping them, she brightened right up and suddenly everything was kitty-cats and unicorns and life had meaning again.


I on the other hand, was quite enamoured of the doughnuts. And am pretty sure that I need to work out a plan for a return trip this coming weekend. All part of my plot to eat everything in the world and gain a million pounds in three weeks.



Hooray for fatness. And unfocused photos, apparently. Whatever. We're over it.


Stella Wore:

Jacket - Gifted from Switzerland

Skirt - Bobo Choses

Leggings - Tea Collection

Bib - Fafa (From Japan)

Boots - See Kai Run