An Excuse To Tell You About The Cute Things My Kid Does

Babies are always learning. Close your eyes for a second, and suddenly a new THING has popped into your baby’s brain. 


After a week in America, Stella knows that you take things out of the dishwasher. While she has not mastered the distinction between clean things and dirty things, she does know that cutlery comes out of the dishwasher, and that we use cutlery at the table. So back and forth she toddles, table to dishwasher, carrying dirty knives and forks and placing them on the dining room table. And I let her, because she feels helpful.


I left Stella with Nanny and went of to write. Nanny reported back to me that they played outside and Stella was pushing around everything with wheels. The stroller. The mechanic’s stool. The wheelbarrow. Stella pointed at the lawnmower. “Lawnmower!” said Nanny. Stella signed “more. more. more”. Lawnmore.


I sit on the floor with Stella and play cars. “Vrooooommmmm, vrom, vrooooooooommmmm,” I say, and push the tiny car in circles around her. Now, Stella points to a car in a book and says mmmmmmmmmmmm.


I took Stella to the doctor yesterday at the behest of a persistent four week long cold. The doctor wanted to look inside Stella’s ears, searching for infection with her ear-looking instrument. Stella is terrified of that thing and wails as she sees it approaching her face. So the doctor, of wonderful bedside manner, said, “Look, Stella, this is my flashlight. See my flash light? Do you want to hold my flashlight? I’m going to look in your ears with my flashlight?” 

The doctor looked, and Stella only pouted. She didn’t cry.


Later, at home, my mum gave Stella a set of keys to play with. On the end there was a LED flashlight keychain. Stella turned it on, and put it to her ear.


Babies are always learning stuff. 

  S walks dogs

What is your baby learning? 



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