Small Style, Winter Style

I may have jumped the gun on this one. I mean, there's nary a flake on the ground, and the temperatures haven't dipped much below five degrees. But. I was itching to get my mini Muscovite decked out in her winter finest. I'm pretty sure that you'll agree with me, it was totally necessary. I mean, Small Style

Picnik collage

Behatted, bebooted, besnowsuited, I sent Stella out to play with her Nanny. She wasn't too sure, however, about the whole walking thing, and was the pretty much a perfect hybrid of  Maggie Simpson and the Michelin Man.



And what the what is going on with these things on her hands. Huh?


They make sign language exceedingly difficult, as is evidenced by this picture wherein Miss S is signing her made-up word for "go". 



Still, those mittens are cute. And that, after all, is pretty much all that matters.*




Stella Wore 

Snowsuit - Reima - Purchased before she was even BORN for like 75 percent off because I'm a maniac for a bargain.

Hat - Baby Gap - Because she picked it out herself while I was supposed to be shopping for a winter jacket and paraded around the entire store proudly displaying her new treasure to a rapt audience of store clerks. I couldn't refuse.

Mittens - Urban Baby - Because She has a matching sunhat that was gifted by a lovely friend and so these remind me of her and I love them

Boots - See Kai Run - Mostly because they're cute.



*Oh gawd. What am I teaching my child about the world we live in and her place in it and the role of material expressions of beauty. And let's not start on the fact that she points to herself when she hears the word "cute". In two languages. This, my bloggy friends, is the gateway drug to princessdome and I might as well just hand over my feminist card right now.

Since that formality is out of the way, I'm now free to concentrate on other useless and vapid pursuits. In that vein, would you mind giving us a vote on Top Baby Blogs? Because I'm pretty sure that I can get to number one.


~ anyone? ~


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