Parenting As A Collective {SOC Sunday}

Stella is sleeping. Finally. Bundled up in her sleep sack, head pressed up against the top of her pack-n-play. For forty minutes, she wailed, protesting the injustice of yet another nap, yet another chance to be excluded from all the fun things that adults do. She did the same this morning, too.


I sit in her room while she falls alseep, shushing her. “Stella, night night time.” I tell her. “No crying.” She quiets for a minute, as she twirls her hair, then ramps right back up again, wailing. At a certain point, I can see that my efforts are proving fruitless, so  I call in reinforcements.


My mum walks into the room, tells her “Stella, be quiet.” Within moments, she’s calmed down, talking the sheep on her blanket, and then finally quiet as she falls asleep.


Trips back home bring to the fore the benefits of parenting as a collective. A second set of hands, an alternate approach to a problem, an outside point of view, support, adult conversation, more bodies to entertain a wee one, a rare night out where I can imagine for a few moments, life without responsibility. I miss these things in Japan. So time here in America with my parents is all that much sweeter. 



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