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Expatria, Baby is part passion project, part writer’s platform, and part ridiculousity receptacle. My diverse and manifold interests are reflected in this blog; I write about the serious and the frivolous, about the personal and the universal, and about the minutia of a life lived across cultures. If there is is a unifying theme of this farrago of a blog, it is an exploration of the culture of modern parenting and what it means to children and the parents who raise them.

I follow a rough weekly editorial calendar to guide my posting. And because I know that you’re dying to keep up with EVERY WORD of EpB wisdom, here is my basic posting schedule, which I will likely not really adhere to all that closely. But STILL. Here you go. 

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Mondays - Frivolities, Ridiculousity  and Nonsense. 

Tuesdays - Pretty Deep Thoughts On The Culture of Parenting

Wednesdays - Pretty Pictures

Thursdays - Small Style

Fridays - Adventures in Expatria

Saturdays - (I might sleep in on Saturdays. Let’s not go too bonkers with this posting business, okay?)

Dividersblog loopdeloop

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