Links To Love Because Mondays are Significantly Less Than Awesome

I have some things to show you. See, look.


I'm trying to be a grown-up blogger, and as such, I'm giving myself some focus and direction on my blog. Here's my new editorial calandar. Feel free to ooh and awww.

I'm delving into the world of YouTube hair tutorials. Which basically proves that I have entirely too much time on my hands and entirely too few smart thoughts in my brain. Oh well. Here's the sock bun SECRET!

Speaking of hair, I'm newly obsessed with this product. It has done wonders, and for the first time EVAH! I can flat iron my hair and have it not look terrible.

Oh, and while we're at it, let's all learn how to tie a scarf, too, OKAY?

This is probably just about the most amazing and inspiring writerly story in the history of writerly stories. Pretty wonderful, if you ask me.

Speaking of pretty wonderful things, I am in love with these prints. They're pretty and wonderful.

And just because I'm not above a little shameless promotion, here's a post I wrote for Aiming Low.

And the latest installment in our NorthSoutEastWest series.


And finally, please, pretty please, with a cherry on top, would you give us a vote on Top Baby Blogs? If you do it once per day, I'll kiss you three times like the Swiss do. THANKS!


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