Sleep Again. {SOC Sunday}

Here's my latest entry for Stream Of Consciousness Sunday. This five minute brain dump, as hosted by Fadra at All.Things.Fadra, offers a place to lay down your troubles without worrying about form and style and typos (as if I really worry about those). And my troubles are, surprise surprise, sleep. 

Why don't you join in, too?




Some day I'll write about things that have noting to do with baby sleep. Or toddler sleep. Or kid sleep. Or my own lack of sleep.


That day is not today.


We're back in Japan, after a rather eventful flight, and we're fighting sleep battles full force.


Last night I went to bed at 7:30. Mr. Chef stayed up and put Stella to bed. When she was sound asleep, he headed out for the evening, only to return at 1:30 am, and catch us up, siting in bed, snacking on cheese and crackers, and watching Modern Family together. I couldn't face fighting my kid to go back to sleep, so I just made the most of her wakefulness.


Mr. Chef put her to bed, and within five minutes she was out.


Had I been on sleep duty, the crying and screaming and carrying on  would have lasted hours.


Today, at nap time, I lulled Stella to sleep, pulling out all the tricks. Nursing her and holding her hand. She woke as I left the room. Again, Mr. Chef came in and saved the day. He snuggled S for a moment, then laid her down in her bed, and it was lights out in moments.


Tomorrow, I face nap time alone. Mr. Chef is back to work. I fear this with all my being.


Now, tell me why my kid sleeps for everyone under the sun except for me?