Sponsor Swappers

So, I had this fantastic idea for an Expatria, Baby gift guide, which, let's face it, would be nothing more than an exercise in wishful thinking considering that Mr. Chef gifted me a trip back to the US where I gifted myself bacon and a couple of J. Crew sweaters. Still. I like wishful thinking. But my child does not like naps, so odds of that happening today are slim to none.

However, what I can offer is a chance to do a sponsor swapper smack down for December. Whatever. I'm kind of late to the game, considering that December starts in two days. But if you want to do a button exchange, I'm in. And I may even do like a feature post or something. But it all depends on future nap times.

I'll need a 150 x 150 button. You can send it to erica {at} expatriababy {dot} com.

Happy December. Happy naps!


Erica KnechtComment