Small Style, I Can't Think of A Title Style

Alright, people. Let's make this quick. I'm supposed to be packing. We're hopping on a plane tomorrow and headed back to Canada (where Canada means the USA, but it's my parents house in the USA and culturally, they're Canadian, so you'll understand). I'm supposed to be packing right now, but am stumped by choice paralysis and the desire to ensure that we both have enough cute outfits without taking everything in the entire universe because I'll have to lift it all off the luggage conveyor belt and it's heavy but SHOES!!!!! I need to make sure we pack the right SHOES! Five pairs is a reasonable number for a toddler, right?

We took a break for packing today in favour of a quick jaunt in the park. This is what Miss S wore:

Picnik collage

Dress: Cornelloki

Leggings: Mish Baby

Shoes: Elk

(Also: further proof that my kid is no longer the giant that she once was - these leggings which are baggy are size 6 mo. The dress is a 6 to 9er. We did a North America dry run today wherein I made Stella try on her snowsuit that I purchased last year when gigantery was still on the table. It was gigantic. She'll be redoing last year's model.)

The end. I need to pack. But. No. INTERNET FOREVER!

{Also, please note that in the previous paragraph I used the word giant or it's derivatives three times. Brainz I has them.}