Christmas Preview

Seeing as how we're less than two weeks from the big C, I thought I'd better do something about Christmas cards. You know. Because there's still like two weeks to go! Plenty of time! And heyyyyy, I've got things to be finishing and deadlines and stuff, so let's spend the entire weekend day stalking the elusive toddler pose conveying the perfect amount of holiday cheer while staying well on this side of cheeseballz.

We only got ONE good shot. But one is all you need. 

Here are some of the others:


Setting up our shot. Creating a seamless backdrop with my sheets and then allowing my toddler to climb over everything. Because I'm so pro.



Practicing posing. Where posing = running away then coming over to me demanding to see the poorly executed picture.


Christmas Photo Tired Baby

Deciding to do a photo shoot with twinkeling fairy lights and then disovering that the lights that you bought are battery powered and the battery holes are covered by a plastic plate which is screwed on by the world's smallest phillips-head screws and we don't have any screwdrivers small enough but that's okay, I'll MacGyver a solution with a pair of tweezers and some scissors and OH THERE! I got it open, but that's the computer chip so let's go back and unscrew these other screws and now I've stripped the screws and now this is impossible and it's naptime therefore eff everything I'm sending my husband to the hardware store. A poorly executed plan if there ever was one.


Christmas Photo Setup 

Okay, regrouping. Testing the setup with Baby Honey while Stella naps.


Christmas Photos Twinkle Lights 

Run away baby.


Christmas Baby

Trying really hard to get some festive non-cheezy hat photos. (Shuddup. It's not a cheezy idea.)



With a very suspicious toddler.


Who is obviously taking none of my bs.


I tired really hard for the hat photo, guys. It just wasn't hapening.


Anyway, there you go. 


Friends and family, from the above outlined evidence, you can expect your cards sometime before Valentines day.


Internet, I'll post the winning picture on Christmas Day! Hooray! You WIIIIIIINNNN!


****Updated to add*****


OMG BLOGGY FAUX PAS!!! I forgot to attribute this idea! I got it here! I wasn't trying to be mean and steal stuff like ideas and things, but I just forgot! I swear! I forgot! Anyway, Baby Rabies gave my the idea, and you can go there now for a wonderful tutorial on how to take photos JUST LIKE THESE (with hopefully a more willing participant).