It's Looking Hella Christmas 'Round These Parts {Wordless Wednesday}

This is the first year that Mr. Chef and I have gotten our acts together and put up a Christmas tree. Well, except for that one random year in Shanghai when we made my sister, who was fresh of the airplane and visiting us for the holidays, run around town in search of a Christmas tree while I was at work. Christmas trees pretty much didn't exist in China back then. Christmas miracle of Christmas miracles, not only did she make it back to the apartment by herself, she also came back with a random cyprus tree hacked off halfway down it's trunk and we fashioned a tree stand out of a coke bottle. We didn't have decorations. Or lights. Well, we did, actually, for a moment  have lights, as my mother had sent some along with my sister. But we fried them to smithereens when we plugged them in, not thinking about the voltage difference because we're dumdums. It was all a bit low rent, but also awesome. Anyway, this year, we're being grown ups.