And Then We Had Dinner And Went To Bed At Nine {SOC Sunday}

Here's my five minute brain dump. Okay. Seven minutes. But I stopped to text mid-stream. I hope that's okay.

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I went for a walk yesterday. By myself. I was downtown. I didn't have anywhere to go, so I followed a tangle of power lines up and down side streets. I watched the blue seep out of the sky and the clouds flare red for a moment. I put my headphones in, and turned my music up a bit too loud.

I drifted around downtown. I didn't think about the laundry that I left in the machine, or what was for dinner, or the clothes that I had taken in off the balcony and dumped, unfolded on my bed. I didn't think about sippy cups or snacks or diapers or creative ways to avoid a flailing arms and an arched back and no you may not run away from me and into traffic. I didn't think about how people ask me "what does your husband do" and about how that makes me want to punch them in the face because don't they know I have value beyond his career status. Okay, maybe I thought about that a bit.

 I just roamed. And listened. And watched the neon lights flicker on. And remembered, for a moment, what it was like to come home at 5 am when the blue was just beginning to trickle into the sky and the clouds flared with pink and how I looked forward to my cold sheets and I would go to sleep and wake up at noon. Then I got home and we all had dinner. I helped my husband give my girl a bath and do the dishes and went to bed at nine.


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