Washi Tape Christmas Garland

I'm not really one for crafts. Or anything halfway artistic. That we've lived in this apartment for two years and my solitary act of decorating effort has been the hanging of about five pictures. This says all you need to know about all I actually know about style and adornments (read: not much). Still. It's Christmas time. And now that I have a kid who is possibly able to form long-term memories and stuff, I thought I'd better just get over myself and do some crafty decorating. Japanese style.

Meaning with washi tape.

Washi Tape

You guys, if you have opposable thumbs, you can totally make this.

And now, I present you with...da dada daaaa!...the washi tape garland.



The instructions pretty much write themselves.

  1. Get some washi tape. In pretty patterns. Christmas colours need not apply.

  2. Cut the tape into two strips, one about 8 inches long, the other about 7.5 inches. Now the secret is cutting your strips in equal lengths, otherwise you'll end up with funny looking rings. Which is cool if that's what you're going for. But. Because I am a genius, I came up with the best plan: I made a template out of two strips of scrap paper and used it to guide my cutting.

  3. Adhere the strips to one another, leaving a bit of the sticky side of one tape exposed. This is a bit finicky, but washi tape is forgiving. So pull it apart and start again. WT will totally get over it. Now get looping. Make your loop. Close it. Repeat. Attach your next loop to the previous. Keep going. 

Doesn't it look pretty?

Washi Tape Garland


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