Rainbows and Puppy Dogs and Sunshiny Fluffy Clouds Small Style

You guys...I'm going to let you in on a little secret: 4 am is slowly becoming my favourite time of the day. Crazy, right?

Coming from someone who has written a Proustian volume of words complaining about being awake in the middle of the night, this is a little rich, I know. But. But.

I'm costing on the fumes of jet lag. My body has set this new rhythm: bed at 8:30, up at 4. And I kind of love it. It's me, a cup of coffee, the blue glow of my computer screen, and the promise that no one will be stirring for a solid two hours. Lovely.

Anyway, enough about me and the middle of the night. Here's my kid.

Small Style

We were welcomed back to Japan by the most gorgeous, a last, lingering reminder of what it feels like to be warmed by the sun. So obviously, we went to the park. Because that's pretty much the boundary of our territory - park, grocery store, home. Exciting, right? 

Small Style Park

In other news, Stella turned 18 months old this week. And let's just talk about how 18 months is THE BEST AGE EVER. She's hilarious; she does party tricks (Stella, how old are you? *holds up one finger*); she laughs maniacally at her own jokes; she demands that we play ring around the rosie; she drags me by the hand into the kitchen, points at my chocolate stash, and sings "more more more"; she sneaks up on me and shouts "boo!" (Okay, let's be real. It's more of an aaaaAAAAAAAaaaahhhh!) And, joy of joys, she's started playing by herself. For several minutes at a time. Truth! So, basically, kittens, rainbows, puppy dog tails, and sunshiny fluffy clouds. The end.

Small Style Park

Oh, and BTW, my real life friend (I know, I'm as surprised as you that I have personal relationships that exist outside this screen) is now a Small Stylista. She's also an award-winning photographer. And a mother to a baby who looks EXACTLY like his dad. And a fellow Shanghai alum. You should visit her. She'll tell you some photography secrets. 

And...wanna know what I eat for breakfast? Peggy's got the deets. 

Stella Wore

Top: Target 

Leggings: Old Navy

Sweater: H&M

Bib: Fafa