Small Style, Boxcar Overall Style

It's a well known fact that cardboard boxes make the best toys. I need not expand on this fact any further, for you all know that it is a fundamental certitude of toddlerhood. 





It is also a well-known fact that overalls are protocol for indoor cold winter boxcar days. We seem to have retired dresses and cute girly sweaters. We're all rough and tumble play clothes, which are totally major for our daily pre-dinner wrestling matches and hallway box car derbies.



A further well-known fact of toddlerhood which is really apropos of nothing really except for the fact that the instrument in question was also delivered to our house in a brown cardboard box, but whatever, I've got you here so I may as well ask, is that toddlers need to be potty trained. And I'm thinking 19 months is the time to start. But I showed Stella her new potty, not like it was any biggie or anything, just like, heyyyyyyy, S, wanna see your rad new potty? I ordered it just for you! Like a present! She took one look at the majestic green throne and then shook her head "no" (please note that she learned this skill specifically for this exact instance and busted it out for the first time just to prove the fervour with which she disapproved of her new potty.) And then she signed "diaper." A lot. So, basically, I'm asking WTF???


Thoughts, Internet?


Stella Wore

Overalls: Tea Collection

Top: Joe Fresh

Bow: AdornMeGirl


Dividers little triangles

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