Boxing Day

Hello! I hope everyone had a merry Christmas or a really great Sunday, if that's more your thing. 

Stella and I roasted a chicken on Christmas eve, which was quite the coup considering that the other 364 days of the year, roast chickens are nowhere to be found in Japan. And it was awesome and great and we were so excited. So much so that Miss S woke up at midnight and demanded to know where exactly Santa was (in the way that non-verbal toddlers who do not really understand who the pooper scoopers Santa is might) and then continued to decline my offers of a return to bed for the next two hours or so. 

Nevertheless, my Christmas was so perfect (no it wasn't I had a mini temper tantrum, but I do every year, so it's tradition, right?) that I'm going to take a week off to recover. I may post pictures. Or not. Totally depends on the scope of my laziness. 

But temper tantrums or no, it was wonderful. Everything I wanted. Family. Friends. Presents! Wine. Cookies. 

I will tell you that Stella cleaned up big time, and now has a stockpile of vehicles so great that it leads me to believe that there is a family-wide conspiracy to raise this kid as a tomboy.

I'm on to you, you guys. 

Christmas eve*


* this only took me about three hours to make so you'd better appreciate it (believe me, my technical skills are something to behold)**

**please note that I got the Polaroid template here. I know, that gives you a whole new appreciation for the profundity of my computer skillz. 

See you in a week!

Mokay, bye!!!