Small Style, Christmas Style

As is evidenced by this post, I'm obviously taking a blog vacation. I promised myself a week off between Chrissy and New Year. Buuuuuuuttt, it's Small Style day. And I just can't stay away. I'm like the cat who came back, you know.

ANYWAY, I may be here in body, but not in mind. So don't expect any great things from me, okay?

I hope you all had a lovely Christmas, or a great December 25th. As for us, it was quiet, but a nice kind of quiet, and as Christmassy as things can get here in Japan. I mean we had a tree! That in and of itself is a major coup.

Here's out Christmas recap (in photos because words are hard and stuff.)

On CE morning, I randomly found a full size roaster chicken at the super market. The first time in 2.3 years that I have seen such a thing. Another major coup. Obvs I was waaaaaaayyyyy more excited about this fact than Stella. But I roasted up that bad boy and Miss and I ate it ourselves. A Christmas dinner for two. I also made Christmas eve crafts. Because who am I?

And then Stella woke up in the middle of the night for two hours and wanted to play our new favourite game called "wild rumpus time" and Mr. Chef was still not home from work and thus I was left with an excitable baby and no super baby sleep ninja powers. But we won't talk about that. It's Christmas, you guys. 

A quiet breakfast of pastries and strawberries followed. Which are seasonal in December in Japan. Prolly the best thing ever.


Stella really cleaned up presents wise, and had more parcels than she knew what to do with. She didn't really get the whole opening gifts thing, and was like "Wut? I just got this awesome truck. Imma no put it down and open something else. No." So, we still had presents to open several days after Christmas. Which, surprisingly for presents obsessed yours truly, was nice.




We spent Christmas day quietly at home, and then had a Christmas afternoon cookie fest and a chilly walk in the park with friends. And it was lovely.


The end.

Stella Wore:

Everything = Tea Collection. Because I am oh so creative.

(We also have a hair situation going on right now, but I'll leave that for next week)




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