Well On Our Way To Precocious Literacy And Also Geniushood

Stella has recently added a few new words to her already robust and thriving lexicon (of two words, ahem.) Let’s talk about them for a moment, shall we?


Mama - While this one has been kicking around in the background of her vocabulary for a while, in the past few days it has burst forth to command a prominent spot in her every day utterances. But no, not Mama, I love you, or Mama, come get me from my crib, or Mama, let’s play. It’s more Mama, give me something I want. I feel this may be foreshadowing, you crafty literary god, you.


There - Stella’s main word until now has been “this” and god help the person who tries to identify exactly what this is in any particular situation.  A cup of milk? No. An orange? Dis. *points emphatically* The Brita water filter? DIS. Papi’s phone? Nope. DDDDDIIIIIIIISSSSS. It is, then, with much exasperation that we add the new lexical item “there” for it is no more precise and no less likely to end in an interminable dialogue of There? Dare. There? Dare. There? DARRRRRE. So, basically, language acquisition for the win!


S - I don’t know. All I can say is my child, whom, I might add is a mere 18 months old, can correctly identify this alphabet letter by name. Which pretty much guarantees that she’ll be reading by two. Whatever, so she also calls every other letter in the alphabet S. And also most numbers. And all kanji. Shuddup. She’s a genius. I can tell because she just learned how to unlock my iPhone.

IMG_8831She also reads Dwell Magazine. And therefore, has excellent taste. 

Remember how I don't brag about my kid? Hahahahaha. I'm full of shit. 

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