Japan Strange and Lovely: Animal Edition

This blog-thing is allegedly about life as an expat family. But till now, it's been mostly about me complaining about the fact that my kid doesn't sleep. I feel I must rectify this situation. And so, with this in mind, I present to you a collection of strange and lovely photos. I call this collection Japanese Have Weird Notions of Animal Husbandry. ENJOY!



Spotted within my first couple of months here: that's right, its some kinda lizard on a leash. His owner was taking him out for a stroll in the park. After all, it really was a lovely day. Coincidently, I've also seen a cat on a leash in this very park, and a bunny on a leash in a shopping mall. I guess it's a thing here.



Speaking of strange animal things - here's a dude with his twin doggies on the back of his bike. Cute outfits, no?



These two little sweethearts were selling ice cream at night. And doing great business, I might add.



And here's a guy in the same park with his dog in the dog stroller. That's standard procedure in Japan - dog strollers. Why? I have no idea. For all I can tell, dogs have legs and can use them for walking. But why walk when you can perch unsteadily in a moving chair with your little paws hanging over the bar while your owner pushes you around the park?  So prevalent is this trend that it's become somewhat of a status symbol; in our local pet store, I've spotted the dog equivalent of the Stokke Xplory stroller:


Yup, that's the Airbuggy dog stroller. And just in case your yen-to-USD conversion skillz are a bit rusty, I'll do the math for you: pushing your doggie around in style will cost you $629.65. 

In case you subscribe to a more attachment-dog-parenting philosophy, there's always the doggy sling:



Walking around with little fluffy nestled close to your heart will help to speed along the all-important bonding process, and allow her to feel secure in her memories of the dog-womb. 

And finally, in case you feel wracked by guilt for abandoning your dog at home all day while you scrape together the cash to pay for her wheels and feel the need to buy her affections, there's always dog pastries and their ideal accompaniment: doggie champagne: