Milestones: Vocabulary Up One

I’ve decide to make a new category here on Expatria Baby called Milestones wherein I chronicle significant achievements and developments that Stella reaches. This is largely for the benefit of: a) my mother who, I’m quite sure, is the only person to whom this would be interesting, and b) for my future self, as I do not have the capacity to hold information in my mind for longer than about seven seconds, and would like to be able to recall significant events in my child’s history. And because I really treasure each and every moment of babyhood and in some small way want to encase it in amber. Please imagine I didn’t just write that. averts eyes

ANYWHO, Milestones!

Stella added a new sign to her repertoire today, bumping up the total to four. She now signs WATER, which is supposed to look like this:


Instead, she does the milk sign with one hand and touches her lips with one finger of the other hand. At least I think so. To be honest, these baby signs are really frickin inaccurate. Babies are not the most dexterous of creatures, nor do they have a good grasp of symbolic meaning. When she signs MORE, she really means WANT. Like, the cat walks into her field of vision, and she signs MORE. Like really, Stella? More cat? What does that even mean? And MILK stands for everything and nothing. I am quite certain that Stella knows what the sign means; it was the first sign she learned and does use it frequently in the correct context. But she busts that sucka out whenever she wants something. Bored of sitting watching me cook? MILK! Tired? MILK! Want to be picked up? MIIIIIIIIILLLLLLLK!

Anyway, WATER. Its cute.


Not necessarily signing WATER, but making the “signing-face”. Me loves.