We celebrated this handsome devil's birthday over the weekend:



Pancakes and bacon for breakfast - cooked by Mr. Chef while I slept in (?!) followed by family wanderings around the city.

Stella was making some major strides (!) in the mobility department. 


Of course she is wearing a cute dress! One cannot celebrate a birthday without a cute dress!


 Gratuitous cute baby picture 


Striploin roast for dinner. I offered to cook. Mr. Chef said, "No, I don't mind."

"Its your birthday. I'll cook."

"No really, I'll do it. You made the cake."

"I can't let you cook dinner on your birthday," I said. 

"I insist. I'll do it. I want to."

Well, I guess someone wanted to ensure that we eat well on his birthday. 


The boyz were happy about that decision - more treats for them.

IMG_4497 Forbidden nomz! 

At least there was cake - my contribution to the birthday celebrations. Chocolate bean cake. Which is delicious. And gluten free. And dairy free. And so heathy you can eat it for breakfast. I should know.

Healthy nomz. 


It was a wonderful day celebrating a wonderful man.