Small Style, Stella Style

Growing up, I hated barbies. And dolls. And ruffles, and pink, and sparkles, and most things that were overtly girly-girl. I mean, how could I justify spending time drowning in a sea of lace and choosing little twee outfits for dollies when there were ever so many Babysitters Club books to read!

I continued to view anything pink as abhorrent until I turned 17, and embraced all things pink with reckless sarcasm (sort of). I even had a pair of pink ModRobes hospital pants, which I would sport, with great style, together with a baby-pink tee. Hideous. Bubblegum. Anyway, my point is that I was never one who went for dolls and dress-up. (And obviously went through high school blind to my own reflection, as is evidenced by my tragic love affair with the sarong + hoodie combo that was on regular rotation in my wardrobe in 1995).

And then I found myself mother to a cute baby girl, and now everyday I devote an embarrassingly large proportion of my brain space to ensuring maximum cuteness for my sweet little snowflake.

So, a couple of days ago, I stumbled upon this linkup hosted by Mama Loves Papa and I thought, "now here is a meme I can get behind. Taking photos of my kid, lookbook style."  


Here are the results:



As you can see the model had a bit of an attitude at today's shoot.


 Better, more pensive, editorial pose.


 Seconds before a monumental tail-grab endured by the ever patient Mr. Katz. 



Anyway, here are the stats:

Shirt - Tea Collection

Dress - Tea Collection

Tights - Thrifted

Leg Warmers - Baby Gap

Booties - Gifted by my most wonderful older cousins

Frowny Face - Approaching nap-time

Fur - Homemade