The Ground Beneath Our Feet

Let’s just get it out there in the open: for the year and a half that I have lived here, Japan and I have had a troubled relationship. There was an initial period of infatuation, and then a lot of angry words and unkind thoughts. 

In the past 24 hours, I’ve been obsessively checking the internet; watching videos, reading articles, and finding out what I can about the earthquake in Sendai. I keep thinking: 8.9; waves of water; rivers of houses; what would I do; I have a baby now, what the hell would I do; people are sleeping out, cold and frightened; I have a baby; there were babies in Sendai. 

And then I walk out out onto our neighborhood streets under sunny skies and see traffic flowing as normal, fully-stocked shelves, people going about their business. The ground didn’t even tremble. 

I have nothing significant or insightful to add to the conversation about the events in Sendai. For more eloquent and insightful analysis, go here

I guess all I want to say is that in light of the devastating events in Sendai, I can’t keep Japan out of my thoughts. This is the country I live in. It’s where we’ve made our home for the past eighteen months. It is the country wherein I have experienced the greatest highs, the most life-affirming and life-changing experiences. Here I’ve grown the most, matured the most, loved the most. It’s the country of my daughter’s birth, and for that, I’ll always be connected to Japan.  






Thoughts and hopes to my fellow residents up North.