Small Style, Home Style

We missed Small Style last week, what with the earthquake, tsunami, radiation fears, and fleeing the country and all. I think we had a pretty good excuse. But we're back and choosing outfits that will prevent us from catching hypothermia in my parents' sub-Arctic-cold house. I'll only complain a little bit to you, internet, because, you know, FREE ROOM AND BOARD! (Hi Mum!) 

And with that, here's the cutest baby in this 'lil college town:

IMG_5007 - Version 2



Look, it's my friend! The baybee!


IMG_5017 - Version 2
I certainly DID NOT dirty the mirror, OKAY?! That line of gunk, at exacthly baby-mouth height? NOT ME. 


And now for the stats:

Sweater - Joe Fresh 

Onsies - Joe Fresh

Pants - Baby Gap

Leg-warmers - Baby Legs (gifted by most awesome elder cousins)

Shoes - Joe Fresh (boys department, because I am subversive like that)  

Red Eyes and Runny Nose - Trans-continental Cold Virus


And as bonus feature - since we missed last week's Small Style: Here's Small Style, Airport Lounge Style


The key to a successful travel outfit is to go for the comfort of pyjamas and the ease of pant-removal of eazy-off pants (WTF brain, can you come up with a better simile??!) For mother and baby both. Because diaper changing in three cubic feet of space is less than ideal under the best of circumstances, and even less awesome when your kid is hitting the wall after 23 hours of travel. Also, you will be doing some one-handed bathroom maneuvering. Therefore: leggings. For everyone. 


Dress - Tea Collection

Leggings - Tea Collection

Socks - Smart Wool

Baby-sized Can of Complimentary Airport Lounge Beverage - Coke (What? Don't judge. My kid is not DRINKING the coke. Just gumming the can. I buy her expensive educational wooden toys, but she casts them aside in favour of cans. Cans! CANS! Whatever, it keeps her happy when I'm oporating on zero hours sleep.) 

 Anyway...I'm off to check out the other small stylistas