Vroom Vroom Vroom

We're driving up to Ottawa today. And I'm really hoping my Stellabella does a whole lot of this:



Taking Stella in the car is monumentally easier these days. I look back on those good ol' days of wee-baby car travel and shudder.

On our first trip back to Canada, when she was two and three months old, we took her on some pretty long drives. Like eight car trips of six hours or more, and one doozy of a 12 hour trip. All in the space of eight weeks. I don't know what in the HELLS I was thinking. Especially since every time we would get in the car, she would scream bloody murder, shit her pants, and then scream some more. And if she was feeling particularly spry, Stella would crap all over me as I rushed her towards a bathroom in a rest-stop, forcing me to change my clothes in a parking lot, and give her (and myself) a bath in a gas station bathroom sink. 

Ahhhh, newborndom. I miss you. I really, really do.