Sophie The Human!

Sophie the human (as opposed to Sophie the Giraffe) went home today. Sniff. Which makes me sad, because of all the expert (FREE!) babysitting she provided - willingly allowing herself to be turned into a human jungle gym, much to the delight of my very excited (and somewhat hyperactive) child. And she cooked dinner for my friends, and THEN put my baby to bed, leaving me free to socialize and get wasted on two beers! Oh my! I am so hardcore! 


This was moments before Stella grabbed onto Sophie's schnoz, fingers in nostils. Tallons sharpened into pint-size torture instruments. Yet she looks so innocent

Writing with a grabby baby riding on your shoulders is, perhaps, not the best way to get your thesis completed. This is only speculation, however. I have never written a thesis with a baby on my shoulders, so I wouldn't know. 

Some people leave their Christmas lights up all year round; I dress my kid in Christmas pyjamas in March. 


Here's wishing we lived closer, Snow-pea.