Eat Your Greens


Warning: Boring and banal baby-related post ahead!

With that disclaimer out of the way, I bring you this thrilling piece of news: I introduced green vegetables to my daughter's diet!

I must confess that I was unreasonably anxious about this monumental step. I am a food-snob (an incredibly picky, unadventurous food-snob, but a food-snob nonetheless). My husband is a chef. Naturally I was wracked with subconscious worry that my baby girl would reject non-sweet, non-root veg and thus foreshadow a future that included nothing but white bread, cries of ewwww, gross! and hamburger helper dinners served at 5:30 pm. A nightmare scenario.

Somehow, deep in the recesses of my brain, I had equated accepting green vegetables with the development of an adventurous palate. So I stalled, hoping to avoid facing my whitebread doom. For a good three months. 

And then I came across this post on my go-to cooking blog, and somehow was fortified with the courage to try to introduce leafy greens. And, ridiculously, I was not aware of the anxiety I was carrying around until moments before the big green veg reveal. 

As I gingerly scooped a quarter teaspoon of spinach-yam puree onto Stella's baby spoon, I found myself holding my breath, stomach in knots. Would she spit out the green puree? Would she turn her head away in the baby equivalent of "ewwww, gross!"?

Nope. Stella grabbed the spoon, examined the contents with her fore finger and thumb, and then shoved the whole mess into her mouth. And loved it. She then proceeded to eat two bowls full of the stuff. Which is amazing, because on a normal day I am lucky to get two spoonfuls of anything into her mouth. Yea! She likes it! She WILL BE a good eater!* I'll have a three year-old who noms curry, eats tripe, and loves sushi!**


And now, because I bragged about my daughter's adventurous palate, the universe is laughing at me, for I am sure that I have just doomed myself to a childhood full of food-related power struggles.


*I am completely aware of the fact that what my kid eats now will have no bearing on what she'll accept at age three.

**You won't get a piece of sushi anywhere NEAR these lips. I once ate tripe. By accident. Almost died after. (Not really) Hell, you can barely get me to eat broccoli without gagging.