Small Style, Canada Style

I'm a little late to the Small Style table today. But that's because we just drove down to Toronto from Ottawa; a five hour drive that we made in 4.5 hours because we are superheros. AND I'm feeling super tired, which I'm hoping against hope is not a symptom of the Norwalk virus inflicted upon me by my non-compliant Grannie, who refused to abide by the lock-down rules of her retirement residence and was out gallivanting with us despite pretty clear Norwalk symptoms, which she at first denied, and then attempted to pass off on some suspicious shrimp. GRRRANNNNNNIE!  *shakes fist* 

So. We are up in Canada this week, visiting my family, staying with my lovely Aunt, who is unendingly patient with our endless chaos and rediculousity. My aunt has the most amazing sense of style; her beautiful living room creates a great backdrop for my small style photos, and it gives me endless inspiration for decorating my house. In my mind. Because I will never get my act together enough to actually start this long-imagined decorating project. It took a visit from my mother for me to actually hang pictures on my walls. Pictures which my mother, shocked and appalled by our bare apartment, had to purchase for us. But that is another blog entry entirely.

Here is my small stylista:

I hate you, camera! HAAAATTTEE! TORTURE! Why, why, WHY? I haaaaaaaaattttte! Just you wait for tonight, when I will have my revenge. Eight nocturnal wake-ups coming your way. Ha! That will teach you to take pictures of me with a frowny face and post them on the interwebz. HA! (hate!)


My precious rattle. PRECIOUS. precious. I will stroke it to help stifle my rage. 


Here are the stats:

Sweater Dress - Baby Gap

Onsie - Baby Gap (I am a huge fan of buttoning the onsie OVER the pants and / or tights, leotard style; it's an homage to my eighties heritage. My mother thinks this practice is sacrilegious. 

Tights (worn inside-out, to the horror of my mother who implied that I should be brought up on charges of neglect for my improper baby-dressing skillz. And I said, wut? With this dress they look cuter worn inside-out) - Some undetermined hippy-dippy store in her college town; these tights are organic, and sustainably produced, and fair traded, and kind to animals, and made with angel wings; they were gifted by my mumsicles. 

Booties - Padraig which, by the way, are my favorite thing EVAH and I am going to cry bitter bitter tears of sadness when Stella outgrows these little woollen wonders. 


I would also like to add a caveat that I recognize that Baby Gap is like, totally the biggest cop-out source for baby gametes IN THE WORLD. But in Japan, it's like, my only option. So.