Small Style, Pre-Summer Style

Another week, another excuse for me to post adorable photos of my bunny-boo in darling wee outfits. We're linking up again with Morgan at Mama Loves Papa for the Thursdays' Small Style. 

Stella and I are on week five (or six?) of our exile from Japan, and so I feel like we have exhausted every possible combination and permutation of the contents of our suitcases. However, we soldier on, arduously working at putting together sweet little outfits that have just the right ratio of cute and quirky. With a little spot of bargain hunting to ensure new pieces join the mix. I know, life is hard.

We had the most glorious weather on Sunday, when summer paid us a quick visit and gave us an excuse to break out shorts and tee-shirts and sit out on the front lawn watching the grass turn green. I might note that it’s been all jackets and cool weather since then, and there is a nasty rumor of snow coming this weekend. Good thing I took these photos to prove that warm weather really does exist, because otherwise there is no telling WHAT I'll do if I see those nasty white flakes.


Hands off my toys, I say. HANDS OFF! 


Behold! The baby equivalent of Ugg boots and shorts (what in the hells am I doing writing on the internet about style?)


Ahhggggkkkkhhh! Is the noise I make when I want to grab the sunnies off your face and twist their arms, then pull your hair and drool in it, and finally mash a little snot onto your face! AHHKKKKGGGH!


Onsie - Claesens Baby

Shorts - Baby Gap

Legwarmers - Baby Gap

Sunglasses -  Retro BandZ, which I am totally amazed that my child will allow me to put them on her face, however, I suspect that she digs the look. For we all know how this kid loves glasses

Booties - Padraig or, THE CUTEST THINGS IN THE UNIVERSE according to me

Pale White Pallor - a delightful combination of sunscreen and the unfortunate genes.


So there you have it, a taste of summer. Now with those fond memories in my brain, I'm off to see what other wee ones are wearing.