Bang Bang Bang

Well, another weekend, another road trip with the baby. You know, we had been in one place for about two weeks, so BETTER KEEP MOVING. This time it was a quick little jaunt - a four hour drive up to Canada on Sunday and a return trip on Monday. In the snow. LIke lots of snow. So much that it stayed on the ground for like, a whole day. ARRGGGGHHHSSSMASH I AM SO ANGRY IT IS APRIL 19TH AND NOT FEBRUARY 19TH WHAT IN THE HELLS NATURE, WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS TO ME.

My mum, Stella and I drove up to Canada for a family reunion / anniversary of my late grandfather’s memorial.  It was wonderful for Stella to spend time with family that I rarely have the opportunity to see, and as an added bonus, the two four-hour drives gave me some time to whittle away at the masses of video that I have sitting on my hard drive. 

Stella has been going through yet another series of sleep problems, and on Saturday, after several nights of minimal sleep / maximal crying, I took a much needed break and left baby care to my parents. Although my dad has a dubious record when it comes to baby-wrangling, he did a bang up job this time by introducing my child to one of her little life’s greatest pleasures: rhythm. Here you go: