In a desperate attempt to avoid stagnation and / or accumulation of dust, Stella and I are on the move again. We are heading up to Canada today for a whistle-stop visit with one of my oldest and most dear friends, before the big trip back across the pond and home to Japan. And this, obviously, means suitcases, and suitcases, and packing, and OMG HOW AM I POSSIBLY GOING TO FIT ALL THIS INTO MY BAGS HOLY HELL WHY ON EARTH DO I LEAVE EVERYTHING TO THE LAST POSSIBLE MOMENT AND I HAVE TO GET  A BLOG POST UP AND HALF MY BELONGINGS ARE STREWN ACROSS MY PARENTS' HALLWAY OMG I HAVE TO LEAVE IN FOURTY MINUTES PANIC PANIC HELL HELL HELL WHEN WILL I LEARN!?!?!? 

Anyway, despite my state of agitation and alarm, I look to this visit with great anticipation as I haven't seen this friend since I was pregnant. She and I met in elementary school and became fast besties, bonding over the a shared literary interest in The Babysitters Club and Nancy Drew novels.  I used to go over to her house for sleepovers, dump my bags on her bedroom floor, and after a few cursory pleasantries, we would sit down, propped up against a wall and proceed to devour entire novels in an afternoon, hardly speaking more than a few words with each other. For like, a whole weekend. Yes, internet, I was quite the rambunctious, difficult problem-child ten-year old. Clearly, the interwebz are the perfect place for me and my geekdom.

ANYWAY, enough about me! It's time for SMALL STYLE. As always, we are linking up with Morgan at Mama Loves Papa for Small Style - one of the highlights of my bloggy week.




Stella Sign Language for "please walk with me" or woot woot. You decide. 



Artistic photo of baby pants = perhaps not quite so artistic.

I'm in love with these Joe Fresh Baby cargo pants for several reasons; the are adjustable in length - button the tabs for shorties; AND adjustable in width - taking a cue from the maternity pants playbook they have elastic waistband with button adjustments that accommodate a gigantic cloth-diaper-clad baby butt; all that adjustability means Stella will be wearing them for a while yet; and you buy them at the grocery store and I think they cost about 15 dollars, tops; also they are ungirly and therefore extra cute, at least in my eyes.


Hallo? Papi? Is that you?

Stella has begun to believe that any smallish electronic device is actually a phone. And puts them to her ear in what may just be the most adorable thing known to man. They learn young, these modern babes. 

Dress: Tea Collection

Pants: Joe Fresh

Socks: Baby Gap

Hair Clip: Elephant Ears

Mug: Bribery to encourage baby not to leap head first off living room chairs

Remote Control: See above.


Well, everyone, happy Small Style day. I hope you check out the fellow participants. We are on our way to catch a train, so unfortunately I have little time to noodle around the interwebz and admire my fellow Small Stylistas, but I salute you and your cute babies and will check out your Small Styles when I get a chance! Maybe there is internet on the train! Maybe my baby will sleep! Ha and HAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHA!