Back in Ja-Ja-Ja-Japan

As is tradition, Japan welcomed me back to blue skies, warm sun, and breezy good times. We have this arrangement, Japan and I. She knows that it's hard for me to adjust to my quiet life on this side of the planet after weeks of busy, busy, go, go, go, friends, family, neighbours, free babysitting, grandparents, bad puns, and great grocery stores. So she always puts her best face forward.

And what a best face it was. Warmth and sun and green leaves and flowers and cheer - all so welcome after the fridgid late April temperatures and snow (SNOW!) we left behind. 

We celebrated our return with a trip to the park. Sun combats jet lag. Park combats homesickness.



Who needs crawling when you can train your parental units to offer mobility support. All part of my plan for world domination.


It was a perfect day. We're so happy to be home.