Small Style, Romper Style

Why, hello there!

After all my politicizing, (which you should totally read if you're a Canadian, btw) it's time for something light and fluffy and full of unicorns: It's Small Style over at Mama Loves Papa.

I must admit that this has not been a very stylish week; Stella has been sick, and as such, has been rocking her awesome Christmas pajamas. Look, I know it's April, and that I'm committing some terrible style-crime by dressing my kid in off-season jams, but it's hella cold round these parts, and they're fleecy, so.

I did, however, manage to wrestle her into an outfit yesterday, and despite the rivers of snot bucketing out her nose, and the general malaise with which she has been afflicted of late, I got a couple of photos. Here are the results:


The secret to my glowing smile: good oral hygiene


Not looking at the camera. Not going to do it. 


Oh HAI! This romper needs a pocket. For my pocket protector. 

First off, can I just say that I loves me a good romper? I totally wish they made them in adult size. Actually, now that I think of it, I had a teacher in kindergarten who was all about the rompers. She had jet black hair, streaked with red and purple, and day in and day out, would chase the kindergartners around in brightly coloured rompers.This was back in the eighties, when crazy was normal. ANYWAY, I want a romper. 

A note about the glasses: We're still at my parents' place, in a holding pattern until we can return to Japan, so we've been hanging out with the oldies, who are all bespectacled, and Stella has discovered what fun it is to play with glasses. And twist them! And break them! My mum is on her way to the optometrist right now where she will, no doubt, have her glasses readjusted for the second time since we've been here. Anywho, all this to say, we found a pair of dress-up glasses which Stella can call her very own. And OH BOY, she loves them. Much hilarity.

Now for the stats:

Romper: Tea Collection

Socks: Baby Gap

Sweater: Gifted - from Switzerland

Eyewear: My parents' basement