Mama's got a new ride

So, I wanted to blog about Mother's Day and regale you with tails of sleeping in and breakfast in bed and superawesomeamazingspecialwonderful presents, and make you all jealous of my wonderful husband. And TRUST ME, such a post is coming, because the awesomeness of Mr. Chef knows no bounds. But we have bigger fish to fry today. Because... 

Stella and I got a new set of wheels! Unfortunately, the bad weather prevented us from riding with the top down and the wind in our hair, belting out Bon Jovi at the top of our lungs. But don't you worry, our moment will come. 

I am truly beside myself with excitement. A whole new world of freedom awaits us. No longer will we face a Sophie's Choice when, wracked with conflict, perplexity, and guilt, we are forced to decide between heading North to the shop that sells rosemary and East to the one that sells cheap red wine. Now, we just mount our trusty steed, and we're off. Both errands completly within our reach!

Internet, I give you Red Beauty!


She's a real beaut

I was literally brimming with exhilarating anticipation all night waiting till I could pick up The Beauty, and I was not about to let this morning's rain dampen my spirits. Seeing a break in the weather, we ditched nap-time and dashed downtown to the bike store where we were to be introduced to our steed. The shop keepers made sure we were all comfortable, then handed over the reins, right before we took a million pictures so that this triumphant day would forever live in our digital memories. Stella and I were just leaving the shop when the heavens started bucketing down. 

Stella and I cycled home, wet shirts slicked to backs, bangs plastered to foreheads, mascara streaming down cheeks, both of us giggling. Wet and coat-less and smiling in the warm rain. We didn't mind one bit. 

I swear to Our Lady of Ghisallo, she was super excited about the bike. 

No, really, she was excited. She's just camera shy, OKAY!