Small Style, Mothers Day Style

One of the great things about living in Asia is living IN THE FUTURE. Which means that since it's Thursday, and therefore Small Style day, I can totally put off writing my Small Style post till like my bedtime, and STILL have it ready for post in the North American morning and look like a total keener. Which is great. Because I've also put off everything on my list, and tonight is the one night when Mr. Chef is home early, and I have a zillion emails to send, invitations to design, two packages to put together, a BIRTHDAY PARTY TO PLAN for a certain ALMOST ONE YEAR OLD and comments to leave, and photos to edit, and a video to make and seventeen gazillion organisational projects to finish and OH MAH GAWD I AM SO FAR UP THE CREEK.


Anyway. On with more important business. Cuuuuuuuteness, ahoy! 

So, YOU GUYS, this was my first Mother's Day and it was perfect in every way. Mr. Chef outdid himself, the weather was beautiful and we had a lovely outing to the park. And took some pictures. Here. Have a look:

Ugg. These pictures look muddy and gross. But I have no time to fix the white balance or whateverthehell I should do to make them look better. Still the baby is cute, no


Normally I write a witty and / or sarcastic caption. Here, imagine I've just written one: _______.


Casually unposed pose. Or whatever. 

So anyway. Mother's Day was wonderful. And Stella looked cute. She wore clothes.


  • Onsie: Baby Gap

  • Dress: Kate Quinn Organics (scored for 70 % off at last winter in a feat of bargain hunting awesomeness because I am good at bargains and shopping and also at procrastinating.) 

  • Shoes: ELK 

Well, I'm off to attack all those things on my to do list*, but before I do, I'm heading over to Mama Loves Papa. And you should too.  


*Where "Doing things on my to-do list" = aimlessly tooling around on the internet stressing about how much I have to do and then maybe watching two episodes of 30 Rock.