Master of Disaster

INTERNET! I have some amazing  news which I am sososososososo excited to share with you. My little sister, who has suffered through many years of hectoring, older-sister-assvice, and relentless teasing has just passed her thesis defence. Yeah! Trumpets! WOOT WOOT WOOT! Hooray! 

I had this amazingly brilliant idea to start this post with a series of little vignettes illustrating just how quirky and hilarious and independent she is, but somehow it turned into a series of accounts of her buffoonery. And I got to thinking that poking fun of my sister in front of the whole entire internet is, perhaps, not the best way to pay tribute to her amazing accomplishment. (But trust me, the stories I have are HILARIOUS, so, you know, email me.)

So, instead, I'll just say again SHE PASSED HER THESIS DEFENCE and is now a philosophy master! She knows way more philosophy than you do! She knows all the philosophies! Ha! (Except for you, Mishka. Hi! You know the most!) And I am so incredibly proud of her and how hard she has worked, and for succeeding where many fail, and doing it with style and on the world's smallest budget, I might add. So, well done sister.  

I like to think that Stellabella played a small part in getting that thesis done. Because, as my sister proved, babysitting and thesis writing are not mutually exclusive activities.  

Anyway, she did it. And I'm proud of her. And yea!