Milestones: Pointing

So, a huge developmental breakthrough yesterday (which may or may not have contributed to the sleep strike of the night before *she says sheepishly*).

Suddenly Stella points at things. Which is HILARIOUS! And cute! Witness: dinnertime yesterday, and a game of "Where's Stella"?



So, yeah. Pointing. She also points at a baby, at a cat, and like three times she pointed at my nose, which may have been a fluke given the proportion of the facial real estate it occupies. Anyway.

POINTING! It means that her receptive language skills are coming along nicely, and is certainly reassuring seeing as how she STILL is not saying anything beyond thhhbbbbbt and ahhhhAAAAAhhh! But she's a trilingual kid, so it's totally normal, OKAY, and I'm not at all worried about it, and I haven't spent ANY TIME AT ALL googleing language delays, and when I read a blog post about another mother's kid who was not pointing at one year old, I totally didn't freak out and immediately start pointing away with reckless abandon frantically trying to get my kid to point back and prove definitively that she is on track developmentally. Anyway!

In all seriousness, though, one drawback of living abroad is worrying about your kid's development. Timetables are different. Approaches to development are different. There's the whole language barrier thing. And heaven forbid if there was any kind of delay, I seriously doubt if any type of early intervention assistance would be available for us here. So, let's hope we get a "mama" soon, okay?

Until then: POINTING!